District Goals


  • Provide pre-PETS training
  • All Membership, Officers and Service Goals entered into Club Central
  • All Club’s DaCdb updated with correct information with the assistance of regional secretaries
  • Make Rotary fun; focus on great programs and fellowship
  • Educate the members about Rotary through programs available in the district


  • Cut the District dues to attract more members from $47 to $42
  • Rule of 85 – Age and membership combined
  • Rule of 35 - $35 dues for new members under 35 year of age

District Membership Coordinators

  • Have a membership coordinator for each county
  • Encourage a membership attraction event and fellowship opportunities in each county
  • Have a District wide Social and membership event in September
  • Have a monthly vocational trip to a local business for members and non-Rotarians

Club Membership Chair

  • Encourage each club to have a membership chair
  • Encourage diversity
  • Encourage a membership care volunteer in the club who follows up with birthdays, sickness, etc.
  • Retain Members
  • Encourage monthly Rotary programs by the Veteran Speakers Bureau to enhance Rotary knowledge

Public Image

  • Have a District-wide social and membership event combined with a Youth Service Conference.
  • Have a press release before February 23, 2016 on all the accomplishments of the clubs in the district.


  • Have all Foundation goals entered into Club Central by June 1.
  • Rotary Direct Goal: 20% of membership
  • EREY Goal: 100% of membership
  • Sustaining Members Goal: 70% of membership
  • Paul Harris Fellows Goal: 70% of membership
  • Paul Harris Society Goal: 10% of membership
  • Per Capita Giving Goal: $150
  • Benefactors Goal: 20% of membership
  • Bequest Society Goal: 5% of membership
  • Polio Contributions: $20 per Capita
  • Fundraise in the community through projects
  • Foundation update in monthly District Governor’s newsletter

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