2010-2011 DG Firoz Peera

Rotary Theme: Building Communities, Bridging Continents

f peera 2Firoz is charter member and past president of Ballantyne Rotary. He served on the World Community Service Committee from 2005 to 2008, was Diversity Coordinator in 2008-9, and played a leading role in the development of the Seminar for Tomorrow’s Leaders and a new district web site. Firoz is a Paul Harris Society member and a Major Donor. He has attended International Conventions in Chicago, Copenhagen, Birmingham, and Montreal, and his Rotary travels have included trips to Peru and Haiti.

Firoz grew up in East Africa (Zanzibar and Kenya), completed high school in England and college in Scotland. He worked for a British computer firm and a German automobile company before joining an American bank in London. During his 17 years with the bank, he managed teams working on complex multinational projects and new business initiatives, and his assignments required him to relocate from London to Brussels, Belgium and then to Chicago.

10 11 themeThere, he studied for his MBA at Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School, and later, joined a leading IT company where, for 12 years, he took on diverse responsibilities for business development, service delivery and consulting across the United States. He served for 15 years as a judge for IT exhibits at the Chicago High Schools Student Science Fair held annually at the Museum of Science & Industry.

Firoz left the corporate world in 2003 to devote his time and energy to projects of personal interest and of benefit to the local and global community. He is board member and past chairman of the World Affairs Council of Charlotte and serves on the World View Advisory Board at UNC, Chapel Hill. He enjoys talking with students about future trends and is an active participant on initiatives to promote international understanding and global thinking. In his spare time, he enjoys reading history & geopolitics.

Firoz has been married to Sheila for thirty-eight years and they have a daughter, Marisa, and three sons, James, Allister and Colin.

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