Rotary Leadership Institute

The mission of Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) is to provide an educational opportunity for new Rotarians and Rotarians identified as potential leaders by their club presidents.

What is RLI?
rliRLI is a grassroots coalition of Rotary districts implementing a leadership development program for new Rotarians and potential leaders of Rotary Clubs. Established in 1992, RLI has become a worldwide organization with divisions in every Continent of the world. While it is an unofficial program of Rotary International, it has substantial support of a number of past Rotary International Presidents and current, past and incoming R.I. Directors. The R.I. Board has adopted a resolution recommending RLI or similar programs to the districts and the Council on Legislation has twice recommended RLI to the Board.

RLI believes that excellent Club leadership (all types of club leaders) is essential to the future of Rotary in a complex and fast changing world. Most Rotarians have not been exposed to the great scope of Rotary around the world and have not considered what leadership skills are necessary to move Rotary forward.

RLI strongly believes that a good Rotary Club leader must know the evolution of Rotary, its current status and activities in the world and have a vision for what Rotary can be in the future. Therefore, RLI provides a three day non-consecutive basic course in both Rotary knowledge and leadership skills, especially for voluntary organizations. In addition to the specific Rotary knowledge skills, most of the RLI sessions have a leadership component.

The mission of RLI is to have the clubs in the member districts identify those with the potential for future club leadership and send them to RLI courses at club expense. All member clubs may send any club Rotarian to RLI courses and any Rotarian may attend any course at his/her own initiative.

Participants go through three separate day-long sessions, each covering 6 hour-long topics. At the conclusion of the third part, you have graduated from RLI with significantly more knowledge about all the components of Rotary, plus new friends from across your region.

Upcoming (Nearby) Classes: (Subject to Change)
Friday, October 2, 2015, Charlotte
Saturday, November 14, 2015, Hickory

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$95 for each session. All sessions include lunch and snacks at breaks. It is recommended that the club budget to send members to RLI. It is especially valuable to all incoming club officers prior to their taking office. Session 1 is very valuable to any new members. Invest in the future of your club to help strengthen it for high quality engagement in your community.

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