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Joining Rotary

- For a listing of when and where our clubs meet, click here (or here to sort them by city/town, meeting day, or one of 10 Areas).

- For a map of where our clubs meet, click here.

- Click on the 'Our Clubs' tab on this website for more information. 

- For questions about Rotary membership, please contact Glenn Hood, District Membership Chair, at 910-890-0780 or


Administrative and DACdb questions

- Wally Olson, District Secretary.  240-446-8411,


Website design, content 

- Mike Walker, District Governor Nominee. 704-589-2754,


Submitting articles for the District Newsletter

- Jenny Kendrick, Newsletter Editor. 703-431-3860,


Finding other Rotarians and District leaders

- Please click here for our full District leadership team.

- Members can get more detailed contact information on all Rotarians and District leaders by clicking on 'DACdb Login' here or at the top right corner of any page on this website. Once logged into DACdb, click on one of these two tabs, both on the far left at the top:

  • the Find tab, for contact information on any Rotarian in the District (and Rotarians across the country by clicking on 'Global' at the top), or
  • the Home tab, then 'District LEADERSHIP', for detailed contact information for the leadership team. 

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