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In late 2018, we had a contest for renaming our District Newsletters, receiving over 60 suggestions. The final winning name was the WHEEL OF 7680, submitted by Nancy Duncan McCoy of the Waxhaw-Weddington Rotary Club. Congratulations and thank you Nancy!

A reminder to club and District leaders:  

SUBMITTING IDEAS FOR UPCOMING NEWSLETTERS IS EASY!   Just email an article (with pictures!) to Jenny Kendrick at jakendrick@outlook.com, or call her at 704-962-3665. 


District Governor Beth Trotter's Newsletters:

WHEEL OF 7680 - District 7680 August 2019 

WHEEL OF 7680 - District 7680 July 2019 


District Governor David Hare's Newsletters:

WHEEL OF 7680 - District 7680 Newsletter May/June 2019 *

Link to 2019 APR - Nepal - Report of Free Dental and Health Camp Tilottama, referred to in the May/June 2019 WHEEL OF 7680

WHEEL OF 7680 - District 7680 Newsletter April 2019

WHEEL OF 7680 - District 7680 Newsletter March 2019

WHEEL OF 7680 - District Newsletter February 2019

WHEEL OF 7680 - District Newsletter January 2019

District Newsletter December 2018

District Newsletter November 2018

District Newsletter October 2018

District Newsletter September 2018

District Newsletter August 2018

District Newsletter July 2018

Past District Governor Scott Van Der Linden's Newsletters:

District Newsletter June 2018

District Newsletter May 2018

District Newsletter April 2018

District Newsletter March 2018

District Newsletter February 2018

District Newsletter January 2018

District Newsletter December 2017

District Newsletter October 2017

District Newsletter August 2017

District Newsletter July 2017

 NOTE: Older newsletters and public documents can be viewed on DacDB under Files > Public Files. Then click on the folder of the Past District Governor whose documents and newsletters you wish to view.

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