Veterans Day at Dilworth-South End

veterans day

Lieutenant Colonel Michele P. Harper earned a standing ovation with her talk on Veterans Day. It was a tribute that is rare for speakers on our programs, but much deserved. Lt. Col. Harper, member of the North Carolina Army National Guard, talked about her role in Iraq during which she was awarded the Bronze Star and the Army Air Medal for her service. She deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2008 and served as the administrative officer for the 449th Theater Aviation Brigade. She currently serves as the North Carolina National Guard, State Chief of Army Aviation. Lt. Col. Harper talked about how she helped coordinate and control the helicopter rescues of over 2,000 people in southeastern North Carolina after the recent flooding. She showed some photos from those operations. Lt. Col. Harper also showed photos and talked about how Army National Guard helicopters help fight forest fires such as the ones raging in western North Carolina even as she spoke. She also showed pictures and talked about medical rescues of people injured in falls in the North Carolina mountains. Attendance for her Veterans Day program, at our first breakfast meeting, attracted a larger than usual crowd. One guest, Martin Waters, was recognized as a survivor of the sinking of the cruiser Indianapolis during World War II. He was one of only 316 who survived five days in the water after the ship went down. Photo shows members and guests that were veterans.

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