Annual Picnic at the Dilworth Club Community Garden Helps Remember the Late Clyde Horstmann

annual picnicThe Dilworth Rotary Club Community Garden at the east end of Latta Park was created to honor the late Clyde Horstmann for a dream he had for his term as club President. Unfortunately, he passed before he could take office, but the club made sure his idea became a reality.  Some wanted to name it the Clyde Horstmann Memorial Rotary Garden, but his widow, Barbara, insisted that Clyde would not have wanted it named for him. The name bears the name of Dilworth Rotary Club. Every year since the garden was completed, the club members have had a Picnic in the Park. They also have members of the Parks and Recreation staff as guests. The garden at the east end of the park is more beautiful than ever.  Visit the park and reflect on this special Rotarian, Clyde Horstmann.

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