Mooresville Rotary Hosts International Hydrail Conference

Hydrail ConferenceIn developing countries, people who commute on diesel trains or live near tracks or stations are continually exposed to fine particulates from train exhaust. Fine particulates readily penetrate the alveoli in the lungs and accumulate in the pericardium where they cause heart morbidity and mortality. For this reason--and for climate and economic development reasons-- the Mooresville Chamber of Commerce and Appalachian State University have, since 2005, convened a conference each year for those scientists and governments working to advance deployment of Hydrail (hydrogen powered railways). In so doing they claim to have developed a worldwide network of expert friends, all of whom have a fascinating story to tell about this new, "Green", railway traction technology. Hydrail cuts about $10,000,000 per track mile off the cost of electrifying rail corridors and streetcar lines so, besides the health advantages, Hydrail's community development value is very great. These folks are available for Rotary programs to share their story.

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