2nd Annual Union County Rotary Social Event

Friday July 22nd from 7 - 9:30pm @ Indian Trail's Jazz in the Park
Indian Trail's Crossing Paths Park, 120 Blythe Drive, Indian Trail, NC 28079

Club service

This amphitheater was built through district grants by the Union West Rotary!  Live Music performed by musicians from The House That Rocks, sponsored by the Union West Rotary Club.
Vendors will include The Hog N Dog and The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery.
From the House that Rocks - "Special thanks to The Union West Rotary Club, The Town of Indian Trail, our sponsors, vendors and the volunteers that are helping to make this concert series possible. This month we are ending our Jazz Series of 2016 in The Park with The King of Pop, "Michael Jackson". I am also excited to bring to the stage some incredible musical talents. Join us as we perform the music of Michael Jackson and present it with a twist that only Jazz can bring."   

Wear Rotary attire to help identify our group, admission is free, bring cash for food & beverage, bring folding chairs or blanket, pets are not allowed, no outside alcohol permitted.  Crossing Paths Park includes an amphitheater, memorial area, public art, a playground, multiple benches, a picnic area with grill and a walking path. Questions, contact Union West Club President Ash Minor at 704-564-0745.

International Service News

international service news

Jamaica - Joined Global Grant project with 29 District Governors

A collaborative effort by Rotarians in memory of our classmate George Tyson and in honor of the 100th Anniversary of the Rotary Foundation. This class of Governors donated a Cataract Surgery machine for a local clinic.  Hospital administrators expressed their excitement and appreciation. The hospital serves over 500,000 people, conducting over 300 cataract surgeries per year, and this new operating equipment was much appreciated by the community.
An article in the Jamaica Observer about the experience to see firsthand the power of many!! http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/westernnews/Rotary-Int-l-gives-Cornwall-Regional-Hospital--10m-in-eye-care-equipment-_67046?utm_campaign=shareaholic&utm_medium=email_this&utm_source=email   
In good humor, the hospital director offered a 'salute' to the 'best GERMS' she ever had in the hospital, referring to Rotary International President John and Judy.

Service at Granville Child Care Center in Jamaicainternational service news 2

Our mission was to build, basically from scratch, a Rotary Peace Garden at the Granville Child Care Center. The center can house 60 young ladies, aged 10-18. At the Children's home DG Tom presented a check from the Charlotte South club of $500 and his wife Paula did as well from her Waxhaw Weddington Club. All the DG's brought supplies for the home.
All District Governors from Zone 33 & 34 and all the Jamaica Club Presidents were sworn in at the Saturday Night Installation Banquet.

Vocational Services

Policemen and FiremenVocational Sevices

Gastonia East is planning a BBQ event on September 12 to honor their firemen and the policemen of Gastonia. It will be held at the First United Church from 11AM until 2PM. The BBQ luncheon will be provided by Kyle Fletcher's. They will also have a drive-up service. All 4 Gastonia clubs are urged to participate.
The Gastonia City Police suggested something near the 9/11 date. We chose September 12th. Come and help us celebrate!

100 Acts of Good

act of kindnessTo mark the Rotary Foundation centennial, we're encouraging members everywhere to do 100 acts of good throughout the year. Let others know by posting photos of yourself on social media, along with a brief description of the act, using #100actsofgood. Send in your photos and we write about it in our District newsletter. Are you donating 100 books, planting 100 trees, serving 100 people breakfast?

District Grants Provide Shelter

District Grants Provide ShelterThe Concord Afton Sunset Rotary Club meets in Afton Village. The residents and merchants of Afton Village are very supportive of the Club and its various service and fundraising activities. The Club demonstrated appreciation by “giving back to this community”. Dorton Park is located at Afton Village where the Club meets. The Park is constantly in use by Afton Village residents and surrounding neighborhoods (Kings Crossing, Carriage Downs) for activities such as daily exercise, tennis, youth sports, disc golf, “pick-up sports," and picnics. Club members have observed that from the far end of the Park, it is a very long distance to any shelter. In the event of rapidly moving inclement weather, Park users could be caught in dangerous conditions - lightening, hail, strong winds. Currently the nearest available shelter is over a quarter of a mile. The small emergency shelter at the west end of the park is designed specifically for the stated purpose of “emergency shelter” only and is not a community center/picnic venue. June 28 the club had their official dedication.

Club Service Recognition

50 years a member in North Wilkesboro!

In North Wilkesboro we have 6 members that have been in the Rotary Club since it chartered in 1965. They are celebrating their 50th year as Rotarians. Herman Province joined on 1/28/1965, Robert Greene joined on 4/12/1965, John Matthews joined on 4/12/1965, Joe McMillan joined on 4/12/1965, Arnold Lakey joined on 7/1/1965, Gerald Lankford joined on 7/1/1965.

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let the community know who we are and what we do

Public Image: A Great Opportunity for our Clubs to tell their story!

We are excited to offer our clubs a unique Public Image & Membership Recruitment opportunity.

The Charlotte Observer will print a special edition for Rotary in a 16 page insert on Sunday February 21. Over 200,000 will be delivered and more will be printed for us to hand out. The edition will also be available in digital form on line!

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Rotary Has Heart

During the month of February each club is asked to designate a service project as “Rotary Has Heart”. This serves two purposes: it promotes Rotary’s six areas of focus and enhances Rotary’s image in the local community.

Our Rotary International Director Robert Hall who introduced this campaign believes that the single focus will not only be a “gift to the world” but will also capture the attention of many people who are willing to support our causes and want to become one of us.

And, as your Governor, I believe that we need to tell our story to all those who have never heard of Rotary or to those who
do not know what Rotary does. We are the best story never told. This “Rotary Has Heart” is a great story to tell.

What is coming up the next 6 months

January 30, 2016 – Mid Year Assembly in Charlotte for ALL Rotarians
February 19 - 21, 2016 – Public Image Campaign, Global Swimarathon, End Polio Now
March 12, 2016 – Trees Charlotte planting
April 1, 2016 – Important Deadline for clubs to apply for Presidential Citation
April 15 - 17, 2016 – Rotary Butterfly Gardens planting
May 13 - 15, 2016 – District Conference & Celebration in Asheville

December Note from your Govenor

This past weekend, as my family was decorating our Christmas tree, my fellow Rotarian Nance was getting ready for Hanukkah. It's winter holiday time, a time when many Americans end the year gathering with relatives, enjoying great food and giving gifts. It's also a great time of year to teach kids about the importance of having an open mind about different cultures and traditions. Diwali is celebrated by Hindus in India and all around the world in November. It is a very exciting and colorful holiday and is also known as the Festival of Lights. Hanukkah is the Jewish Festival of Lights. Kwanzaa is an African-American holiday celebrated the end of December and Las Posadas is a nine-day celebration with origins in Spain, now celebrated in Mexico, Guatemala and the USA.

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Youth Conference & Rotary Social

youth duckWhat a celebration it was with over 300 in attendance on a beautiful Sunday afternoon at Tailrace Marina on Lake Wylie. Interact, Rotaract, Youth Exchange students, Rotarians, friends and family came out to learn about the diverse offerings that District 7680 has to offer our Youth. Rotary clubs sold funnel cakes, ice cream, hot dogs, drinks and snacks.

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A Note from Your Governor

September -- New Generations Month.

What a great month. I love the month of September, the weather starts cooling a bit, beautiful weather, kids are glad to be back in school again and parents are glad the kids are back in school! Life is getting back to normal. We celebrate Labor Day with friends and family and Rotarians return from vacation and come back to their Rotary meetings. This month the focus is on Youth. And we have a lot to celebrate. Two new Rotaracts have been chartered at the college level. Rotary Butterfly Gardens are being planted all over the district at the schools. We had our second Youth Conference at Tailrace Marina in Mount Holly. It was a win-win for everybody. The fun and fellowship was great; Rotarians learned about the variety of youth programs the district offers; a total of $13,500 was raised at the duck race and....$6,750 is now being given back to our clubs for their youth service. The biggest winner was Ed Reese from the Gastonia Evening Rotary Club, who won the grand prize for the "turbo-duck" that netted him $5,000!! Nobody won the Camero, but Randy Marion and his team had it on site and ready to drive away!

Picture: Governor Ineke and Duck Commander DGE Tom present a $5,000 check to Ed Reese.

Our Rotaract Chapters

interactIn District 7680 we have 45 active Interacts at the High Schools and 9 Active Rotaract Chapters at our local colleges. So far this year, two new Rotaracts have been chartered thanks to dedicated Rotary Club sponsors and Lorena Prince, our District Rotaract Chair.

  • University of North Carolina Charlotte - Chartered August 13 - Sponsored by Charlotte Top of the Week Rotary
  • Central Piedmont Community College Central Campus - Chartered August 24 - Sponsored by Charlotte North Rotary

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Backpacks and School Supplies for Kids

backpackClubs are asked to please inform Governor Ineke as they continue to assist our local schools. So far, the following clubs have actively assisted their local schools:

  • Belmont Rotary benefited Page Elementary and Belmont Central.
  • Mount Holly Rotary benefited Ida Rankin Elementary, Catawba Heights Elementary, and Pinewood Elementary.
  • Gastonia Breakfast Rotary benefited Gardner Park Elementary.
  • Gastonia East Rotary benefited Sherwood Elementary.
  • Greater Statesville Rotary benefited 30 Iredell - Statesville schools.
  • Charlotte Southpark Rotary- donated 90 backpacks to Montclaire Elementary.
  • Taylorsville Rotary - Backpack Food Program supplies food each week to over 300 students who are food deprived.
  • Union West (Indian Trail) Rotary benefitted backpacks for 8 schools in Union County

Public Relations - Talk Rotary

From Past President of Rotary International Frank Devlyn.

The Importance of Promoting Rotary Outside of Rotary... Briefly I'd like to show you how I do it. Everybody has their style. That's what makes Rotary unique. I'd like to stop and think about this. In every organization there is a PR department, they call it by different names and what they do is promote and defend the interest of their organization, as does Rotary, that's their job. I want you to remember this. You are unique in the family of Rotary. You took your time to come here, dedication and experience and you're here because you love Rotary. There is an importance in promoting Rotary, many don't do it, they have 101 reasons why they don't do it. I expect the leaders of Rotary which includes at all levels of Rotary to promote Rotary.

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Global Grant - Ghana Health Days

It is a story about the power of asking "What if," as in, "What if every District in Zone 33-34 participated in a joint project together?" The answer will surprise you.  At the end of the day, over 40,000 men, women, and children in 40 communities in the country of Ghana are going to benefit because 29 District Governors rose to the task and answered a "what if" question with an equally important reply: "Why Not?" But let's take it a step further and ask: What if every club in District 7680 participated in this Global Grant? So far, 25 clubs contributed $100 each to this Global Grant.


Adopt A Street

sept adopt1  sept adopt2  sept adopt3 

Who we are, where we are and what we do! Keep up the good work!

An Example of a Sustainable Project

sept sustainable projectOnce upon a time (1995-1996), there were no wheelchair accessible playgrounds anywhere in Mecklenburg County. So the Rotary Club of Charlotte South found the need and agreed to build a unique playground with wheelchair accessible equipment that had the necessary wide openings, ramps, etc. for wheelchairs. The innovative ground cover consisted of reprocessed tires that provided a smooth, maintenance-free surface. Other playgrounds used dirt, sand or woodchips that were not wheelchairs friendly.

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Attendance vs Engagement

sept attendanceWe need to clarify a misperception that several clubs have regarding ATTENDANCE!

Several years ago, the Council on Legislation (Rotary's governing body) declared almost ANY legitimate Rotary activity as a makeup. This includes not only attending another club's meeting, but also a committee meeting, working on a project, a Board meeting, etc. Why did the COL do this?   Because the point of tracking attendance is not to make people come to meetings. The primary focus is, as it should be, on engaging in the work of Rotary!  When measured this way, it's a measure of engagement rather than just showing up at a meeting.   This interpretation is a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) of how your Rotary club is doing with engaging its members in what we're about..."Service Above Self"  Believe me, there is significant data to prove that when a member isn't engaged and isn't involved in the club, it's a short trip to a resignation letter.  Look at your members' attendance percentages. Those at the bottom of the list are thinking about resigning.  What can you do to get them engaged, involved, and hopefully passionate about using their skill set to do something what the club is about.

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Consider this for an "Inspirational Moment". This is a Rotary Garden

sept InspirationPlant three rows of peas: Peace of mind - Peace of heart - Peace of soul

Plant four rows of squash: Squash gossip - Squash indifference - Squash grumbling - Squash selfishness

Plant four rows of lettuce: Lettuce be faithful - Lettuce be kind - Lettuce be obedient - Lettuce really love one another

No garden without turnips: Turnip for meetings - Turnip for service - Turnip to help one another

Water freely with patience and cultivate with love. There is much fruit in your garden, because you reap what you sow.

Our garden must have thyme: Thyme for God - Thyme for study - Thyme for prayer

Rotary Global Rewards

sept rotary rewardsRI President Ravi Ravindran is pleased to introduce Rotary Global Rewards - a new benefit program for ALL ROTARIANS that offers discounts on products and services like travel, hotels, dining and entertainment. Rotary Global Rewards is designed to make membership even more rewarding for Rotarians and is an exciting way Rotary can give back to those who give so much. Rotary Global Rewards help Rotarians:

  • Do more good work -- involve more members in or expand the impact Rotary projects with savings on truck rentals, airfare or hotels.
  • Build Rotary friendships -- forge richer friendships with fellow Rotarians with your dining and entertainment offers.
  • Share your story with someone new -- tell people about Rotary's work with discounts at coffee shops and restaurants.

With Rotary Global Rewards, the good you do comes back to you. I hope you will all find ways to take advantage of the benefits this program offers.  Click here to learn more and redeem Rotary Global Rewards. Click here to view video.

A Note from RI President K.R. Ravindran

Sept pres noteAs Rotary celebrates Membership Month, I want to ask what Rotary means to you. I invite you to share your story not only with Rotary but with your personal and professional networks - not only why you joined, but why you are still a member of Rotary today. Is it because of the difference you've made in your community or because of the lifelong friendships you've made? Speak of the personal benefits that you have derived from your membership in Rotary, whether it's the satisfaction from reaching out to someone who desperately needed help or the gains in your own life that came from the opportunities and connections available to you through Rotary. Sharing your Rotary story could help inspire someone to join.

District Assembly

We had great attendance in spite of the weather.

district assembly 1





Over 30 Rotary booths with information. 

district assembly 2

Seminar For Tomorrow's Leaders Thanks All Clubs Who Sponsored Students

youth SFTLSFTL is a program focused on and investing in our youth, specifically our rising 11th and 12th graders.  The curriculum is designed by the Center for Creative Leadership and the program was recently held on June 18-21, at Queens University in Charlotte. Plan to sponsor a student or two next year.  It's a great experience.


Thanks to the 42 clubs who gave the gift of treasures in sponsoring 112 students this year.
Thanks to the 6 facilitators who gave the gift of talent to serve the students with leadership activities.
Thanks to the 30 mentors and alumni, who gave their gift of time to mentor the students.

District 7680 Welcomes Rotary Youth Exchange Students

youth exchange logoRotary Youth Exchange (RYE) isa Rotary International student exchange program for students in high school. Since 1929, Rotary International has sent young people around the globe to experience new cultures. Currently, about 9,000 students are sponsored by Rotary clubs every year. Typically, students are sent to another country for a year-long stay, generally living with multiple host families during the year and being expected to perform daily tasks within the household as well as attend school in the host country. Short term exchange programs involve direct student exchanges between two families arranged through Rotary to coincide with major school holiday periods.

Short Term Exchange Students ( spend a summer )
Azizamosi Henry - France - Charlotte Rotary
Ana DeGrauw - Italy - Huntersville Lake Norman Rotary
Avery Buie - France - Charlotte Top of the Week

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Annual Picnic at the Dilworth Club Community Garden Helps Remember the Late Clyde Horstmann

annual picnicThe Dilworth Rotary Club Community Garden at the east end of Latta Park was created to honor the late Clyde Horstmann for a dream he had for his term as club President. Unfortunately, he passed before he could take office, but the club made sure his idea became a reality.  Some wanted to name it the Clyde Horstmann Memorial Rotary Garden, but his widow, Barbara, insisted that Clyde would not have wanted it named for him. The name bears the name of Dilworth Rotary Club. Every year since the garden was completed, the club members have had a Picnic in the Park. They also have members of the Parks and Recreation staff as guests. The garden at the east end of the park is more beautiful than ever.  Visit the park and reflect on this special Rotarian, Clyde Horstmann.

Mooresville Member is in Rotary 68 Years with a Perfect Attendance Record!

mooresville memberMitchell Mack, member of the Mooresville Rotary Club since 1947, received his multiple level Paul Harris Fellow designation at a special recognition event by the club on June 2 at Epic Chophouse. Mitchell has served in all major leadership positions within the Mooresville Rotary Club, which was chartered in 1922, and has a long record of perfect attendance. From left to right: Ineke Wilson, Rotary District Governor-Elect, Ken Dresser, Rotary District Governor, Bill Morrow, Club Foundation Chair, Mitchell Mack and Randy Sherrill, Club President. Mitchell's wife, Dolores Mack, was also in attendance. I'm also aware that Edwin Ford from the Shelby Rotary Club has been a member for 75 years!!

Carl Sloop from China Grove Rotary has been a member for 68 years as well. I'm sure there are others! Let me know and we'll brag about these special Rotarians.

Mooresville Rotary Hosts International Hydrail Conference

Hydrail ConferenceIn developing countries, people who commute on diesel trains or live near tracks or stations are continually exposed to fine particulates from train exhaust. Fine particulates readily penetrate the alveoli in the lungs and accumulate in the pericardium where they cause heart morbidity and mortality. For this reason--and for climate and economic development reasons-- the Mooresville Chamber of Commerce and Appalachian State University have, since 2005, convened a conference each year for those scientists and governments working to advance deployment of Hydrail (hydrogen powered railways). In so doing they claim to have developed a worldwide network of expert friends, all of whom have a fascinating story to tell about this new, "Green", railway traction technology. Hydrail cuts about $10,000,000 per track mile off the cost of electrifying rail corridors and streetcar lines so, besides the health advantages, Hydrail's community development value is very great. These folks are available for Rotary programs to share their story.

Click here to see more.
Contact Stan Thompson, at 704-458-9410 for more information.

Rotary Soccer Showcase

Rotary SoccerCharlotte Rotary Club member Chase Saunders is getting Rotary involved with the newly created Charlotte Region Soccer Initiative. The Charlotte Rotary Soccer Committee supports this initiative alongside the Charlotte Chamber, City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County Parks & Recreation.

Why "Soccer"?  It is the world's most popular sport with over 2 billion people participating, fans, hundreds of teams and tens of thousands play and Charlotte is an international city having 154 nations represented. The Mission: All communities in the 60 mile radius Charlotte Region embrace the power of soccer through supporting the healthy benefits of soccer, support plans to bring BIG soccer to Charlotte, support the County to build facilities, support the Charlotte Independence soccer team and support the international business opportunities it can create. How: Create a central website listing game schedules, training opportunities and platform for soccer groups; promote international soccer tournaments, marketing material, promote Rotary USA soccer balls/pins and our Rotary district support of soccer initiatives.

For more information, please contact Chase Saunders at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Want to find out more?