Giving Levels

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Any amount every year

  • Every Rotarian Every Year – Clubs must be at $100 per capita to be considered an EREY club (and be eligible for the EREY Club Banner award).

$100 Every Year

  • Sustaining Members – Those that commit to give $100 / year

$1000 cumulative

Paul Harris Fellow - Donors of US$1,000 or more to the Annual Programs Fund, PolioPlus, or the Humanitarian Grants Program, or people who have that amount contributed in their name.

$1000 Every Year

Paul Harris Society – Those that commit to giving $1,000 / year for as long as they can give.

$1,000 ENDOWMENT Fund (through your will or donation)

Benefactor – Donate to the Endowment Fund in your estate plans or by donating US$1,000 or more to the fund outright.

$10,000 ENDOWMENT Fund (through your will)

Bequest Society - Couples or individuals who have made commitments of $10,000 or more in their estate plans, such as in a will, living trust, or through whole or universal life insurance.

$10,000 Cumulative

Major Donor - Couples or individuals whose combined personal outright or cumulative giving has reached $10,000. All outright contributions made to the Foundation are included in this total, regardless of the gift designation.

$250,000 Cumulative

Arch C. Klumph Society - Donors whose cumulative gifts total US$250,000.

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