Tree Planting Initiatives

Rotary founder Paul Harris was an ardent supporter of trees and he planted a tree on every continent he visited.

tree planting

Rotary District 7680 is involved with several tree-planting initiatives to support the environment and educate the community.

Rotary District 7680 clubs are encouraged to support tree-planting initiatives with the support of partner organizations.

Rotary District 7680 and its clubs have helped to plant over 1,000 trees in the Charlotte area since 2013. Rotary has helped to raise more than $40,000 for tree-planting projects including grants.

For 2016-17, Rotary District 7680 will help to support tree-planting initiatives with the American Chestnut Foundation, TreesCharlotte and TreesDavidson (Davidson Lands Conservancy).

Contact: Sean Gautam, 704-430-8277, Charlotte North Rotary Club, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Rotary Butterfly Garden

Thanks to the partnership of Rotary Clubs, many schools, CMS, NCDOT, Green Teacher Network, Monarch Rescue, Monarch Watch and many others with which our Rotarians have worked. We now have hundreds of Butterfly Gardens in parks and in our own backyards!! Edna Chiroci and Anna Davis have helped spread the word and the milkweed. Year after year, the butterfly gardens will continue.

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Rotary Community Corps

Organize a Rotary Community Corps ( RCC )
A Rotary Community Corps is a group of non-Rotarians who share our commitment to service. RCC members plan and carry out projects in their communities and support local Rotary club projects. There are more than 7,500 corps in over 80 countries.

How do I join or organize an RCC?
By joining or organizing an RCC you can make a tremendous impact in your community. RCCs can exist anywhere there is a local club sponsor. You can find an RCC in your area by contacting your local Rotary club. If there isn’t a community corps, discuss the idea of starting one with your local Rotary club president. Learn more about what you can do through a Rotary Community Corps.

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