Rotary Friendship Exchange - India

Rotary Friendship Exchange is:

  • An international exchange program for Rotarians and Rotary couples.
  • It provides participants with the opportunity to experience other cultures by staying in the homes of Rotarians, visiting their clubs and participating in the life style and activities of their communities.

Goals of the exchange are:

  • To advance international understanding and peace through visits across borders.
  • To promote interclub relationships, fellowships and service projects.

The Rotarians participating gain the opportunity to make long lasting friendships while exploring different areas of the world. The Friendship Exchange Program is one of Rotary International's nine structured programs to help clubs and districts achieve service goals in their communities and communities abroad while fostering fellowship and goodwill between countries.

Who May Apply?
It is a Team Program in which Rotarians, often couples, typically ten to twelve in number, visit several communities in the host district for a period of time up to four weeks. The number of persons on the team and the length of stay are flexible; the districts involved agreeing on those details before the exchange occurs. Districts are also encouraged to consider Team exchanges, those in which host and guest Rotarians share the same occupation. The program is coordinated by district Friendship Exchange committees and both are carried out at no expense to Rotary International.

How Long Does a Friendship Exchange Last?
As the Team Program operates on a district level, participants stay for a few days with each family for a total time of approximately four weeks.
Both districts must agree upon the length of a Team exchange.

Rotary Friendship Exchange with District 3201 ( India) and District 7680
Rotary District 3201 has 125 Clubs and membership strength of 4700 Rotarians. These Clubs are spread over part of the southern Indian states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The larger cities in RI District 3201 are Cochin (Kerala) and Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu). In the recent past, Dist 3201 has had friendship exchange programs between Canada, Sweden and United Kingdom.

Who do I contact?
District 7680 Friendship Exchange District Chairperson is Kam Chandan (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

He is responsible for contacting other Rotary Friendship Exchange chairpersons to establish exchanges. To become hosts, Rotarians must contact the Rotary Friendship Exchange District Chairperson. Rotarians who have participated as guests will be anxious to serve as hosts when Rotary visitors come to their community. In order for a district to participate in Rotary Friendship Exchanges, there must be consent of two-thirds of the clubs in the participating districts, with the approval of the District Governor of all districts involved, and with the understanding that no liability is attached to Rotary International.

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