First Responder

first responderThe goal of the First Responders Honor Program is to honor the professional and citizen first responders throughout the district and achieve media coverage in every club’s area.


  • Engage every club in the District in the program to honor first responders
  • Honor first responders in every county in District 7680
  • Achieve coverage in the media in every county in the District

The Program
Many Rotary Clubs around the country already honor first responders in various ways ranging from picnics to lunches and dinners.

  • Have each club in the District choose a first responder for at least one category and preferably for each category:
    • Police Department
    • Fire Department (including Volunteer Fire Departments)
    • Emergency Medical Technicians and other medics
    • Sheriff’s Office
  • Each club also would choose a “citizen first responder.” The Rotary Club of Charlotte already does that. An example of a citizen first responder is 70-year-old Rosemary Correa who left her job in the Mooresville Super Target store and pulled a man out of a burning car. One of the Iredell Rotary Clubs could nominate her or all the clubs could agree that she is their nominee for all the clubs.
  • In some jurisdictions with multiple clubs there may be only one first responder entity in a given category in that jurisdiction (such as the Sheriff’s Office or a county-wide medic entity). In such case, the clubs would collaborate to choose a first responder from that entity.
  • The clubs would not be required to select someone in each first responder category, but each club should select at least one first responder to be honored.
  • Anyone would be able to nominate someone. For example, a fire fighter could nominate a fellow firefighter. A club member would be able to nominate someone. All nominations should be written and be no more than 200 words.
  • Each club should honor their selections at a regular club meeting. It would be appropriate on that occasion to have the program about first responders. Or if they choose, the club could honor its selections at a special dinner meeting.
  • In the spring of 2016, the District will have a luncheon or dinner to honor all the selections from the various clubs. To make the event more accessible to clubs in the outlying counties, the event will be held in Iredell County. Each club would pay for its honorees, representatives of the first responder entities and any members who attend. The possibility exists that the district could get sponsorships from Motorola and other suppliers to police, fire departments and emergency medical organizations.
  • Those selected as the top first responders in the District will be guests for appropriate recognition at the District Conference.

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