Early Act First Knight

Early Act First Knight is Character Education With Impact!

EAFK is a wonderful way for our District Clubs to positively impact the lives of students in grades K-8.

Who: The football field is lined with 700 students chanting their school cheer “All Day –All Knight.” An additional 100+ teachers, staff, parents and visitors
are clapping for the class of 2018 as they enter the stands. The excitement builds as the announcer introduces the teams and they gallop onto the
field – Sir Jefferson, Sir David, Sir Timothy, Sir…wait a minute! Those aren’t football players. They look like knights in armor on horses. And those
cheerleaders look a lot like Royal Queens and Princesses. And the helpers on the field look like squires with lances and rings.

eafkThis is not a football game. It is the annual kick off tournament for Early Act First Knight, a Rotary sponsored character development program that teaches students what it means to put Service before Self. During the tournament and throughout the daily curriculum, students see examples of what it means to be “Fair to All Concerned.” The Four Way Test is incorporated into daily studies and traits such as Honesty, Tolerance, Confidence, Citizenship and Perseverance are studied using Rotary and current events as teaching examples. Rotarians are involved as role models and mentors working with the school on a monthly basis.

What: Auditoriums and cafeterias are transformed into medieval castles. Students gather in anticipation of who has been selected from each class to be
recognized for the character trait each month. Teachers prepare and read Accolades –the reasons each student was selected. Medals are awarded
by Sir Jefferson with assistance from Queen Suzannah or Queen Angela. Older students are “knighted” with a sword and all receive certificates of
Knightly Character. Parents are secretly invited to see their students receive the awards. The entire ceremony is a spectacular media event that ends
with everyone reciting the Four Way Test.

How: The final component of EAFK is the in-school service club. The club is chartered just like an Interact Club and officers are elected. The club chooses
a local and an international service project to reinforce the service component of Rotary. Clubs may choose to have their EAFK Club visit, and the
student officers even preside over a meeting of the sponsoring club; often, the sponsoring club will include their EAFK club in socials or other club

Contact Suzanne Amos, District Chair, EAFK at 704-739-3300.

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