District 7680 Newsletter

July 2024

Notes from DG Kevin

Howdy, folks . . .

DG Kevin Kendrick

Introducing DG Kevin Kendrick and article paragraph about your goals and wishes.

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DGE Donna Moffatt and DGN Jerry Coughter

They will give us their thoughts and feelings on current information.

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The Rotary Foundation

Have you heard of Rotary Foundation 365?

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Charlotte Dilworth South End Rotary Club

Held a wonderful fundraiser at Latta Park over the weekend. They estimate that 500 people came to enjoy burgers, hot dogs, bouncy house, music, and other wonderful things.

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Membership Matters

We need to add to our membership so that we can give more.

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DEI is something we should all be aware of.

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We have 3 peacebuilders attending UnC that came from our district.

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Rotary International

\Rotary International is rolling out some more initiatives

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The Correct Way to Use Our Logo

Branding in Rotary is very important to ensure we are all telling the same story

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Mental Health

This article is about mental health.

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