District 7680 has made a commitment to be a Rotary Peacebuilder District.  By doing so, we also made a commitment to build peace wherever we can – in our clubs, in our local communities, and in communities around the world.
District 7680 established the Peacebuilder Club program to support Rotary’s mission of advancing world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the promotion of programs and projects aligning with the seven areas of focus of The Rotary Foundation, especially Peace and Conflict Resolution.
Peace is not just an absence of conflict.  Causes for lack of peace include:
  • Internal conflicts and oppressive governments creating an environment that engenders violence and unrest.
  • Extreme poverty resulting in poor health, sickness, malnutrition, and disease.
  • Injustice and inequality causing frustration and lack of trust in institutions.
  • Pervasive hopelessness that things will not get better in the future causing civil strife.
  • Limited access to clean water, adequate food, shelter, sanitation, and economic opportunity resulting in a lack of self-esteem.
A District 7680 Peacebuilder Club is committed to diminishing the root causes of conflict: the need for food, water, shelter, health care, literacy, jobs, and human rights. A Peacebuilder Club engages in activities that break this cycle of devastation and despair.  It helps create an environment of peace by supporting education and literacy, clean water, sanitation and hygiene, access to healthcare, protection of the environment, and community economic development.
Everything we do as Rotarians to improve the human condition in the global community builds peace.  When you feed the hungry, improve educational opportunities for everyone, or help create a climate for community economic development you are building peace. When you see injustices and assist in removing them, you are building peace. When you work to improve the environment around us, you are building peace.  When you reach out a hand to people you don’t know and who will not know you, you are building peace.
This Rotary Year the world is dealing with unprecedented conditions that challenge the establishment of peace in our communities and throughout the world.
Show your commitment to peace by becoming a District 7680 Peacebuilder Club.