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Congratulations Rotary District 7680! Thank you for your ongoing generous yearly contributions through scholarship funds and volunteer efforts which allows Seminar For Tomorrow’s Leaders (SFTL) to impact, educate, mentor, and grow our district’s high school leaders.

What is SFTL?

STFL is a Rotary International Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) initiative and our Rotary district’s signature youth leadership education program designed in collaboration with the award-winning global leader Center for Creative Leadership for young people in the Rotary 7680 area aged 15-24, primarily in Interact and Rotaract. We look forward to expanding SFTL to Rotaractors!

What is the Goal of SFTL?

SFTL empowers leadership delegates with specific tools to expand their leadership potential and ignite their capacities to make a greater difference in their communities and across the world. SFTL serves as a foundation for learning, growth, mentorship, and impact through servant leadership. A byproduct of SFTL is stronger Interact clubs, stronger Rotaract clubs, and strengthening Rotary from within for goals to make a greater difference in the world through service.

How is SFTL Funded?

SFTL is funded through the direct scholarship dollars from the Rotary clubs of Rotary District 7680 and the volunteer efforts and hours of Rotary club members. The cost to attend is $500 per leadership delegate. However, the leadership scholarship is valued at $5,000.

What Makes SFTL a Leader Among Leadership Programs?

SFTL is an evidence-based program grounded in over 40 years of research and experiential learning where delegates learn through play and activities specifically designed to be fun yet challenge their courage while provoking self-awareness and self-reflection and further support future intentions and goals. Delegates fill their leadership toolbox with specific strategies and learning that can be implemented immediately. It is actionable learning that provides a strong foundation for personal growth and support for service initiatives. Delegates learn to lead from within, lead with others, then go out and make an impact in the world.

When and Where Does SFTL Take Place?

SFTL historically takes place in June on a local college campus for a 4-day/3-night experience.

Who Can Attend the Summer SFTL?

Leadership delegates who are rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors may apply for the summer SFTL scholarship program. Preference is given to applicants in Interact but membership is not required to attend. Delegates are selected by the sponsoring Rotary clubs.

How Can My Club Support SFTL?

Host a presentation speaker from the SFTL committee for a club meeting

Donate scholarships

If money is not already on your budget for SFTL, Youth Services, host a fundraiser

Join the district SFTL committee

Identify volunteers to help plan SFTL and/or volunteer at SFTL

Share the SFTL opportunity with young people, Interact clubs, and high school guidance counselors.

FMI, contact Debb Corbett