Learn More about TRF

The Rotary Foundation is one of the most highly respected foundations but at times can feel complicated. As a Foundation Chair or club leader, the following series is designed for you to know the ins and outs of the Foundation and how the funding can support clubs in District 7620


Recently Completed Spring 2021 Webinar Series

Series Introduction – Appreciate the Importance of the Rotary International Rotary Foundation; Learn why we are the engine that provides the resources to serve our communities and over 200 Countries in the world.

Part I – Learn the 104 Years History of The Rotary FoundationLearn about the humble beginnings in 1917 to today as one of the most highly respected foundations in the world.

Part II – Learning the Mechanics of The Rotary Foundation; Learn how the TRF works and why it is the “Engine” that drives our districts giving

Part III – Be Prepared to Apply for District Grants; Learn about the  Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for community and global grants eligibility, where do we apply, easy steps of the application, and how do we get funded.

Part IV – Be Prepared to Apply for Global Grants; Learn about the where and how do we apply, easy steps of the application tips, and how do we get funded.

Part V – Your LegacyRotary’s Promise: Learn the many ways to establish your own legacy in support of The Rotary Foundation

Part VI – Polio Plus; “We are that close” to eradication of Polio in the world. And what is the “Plus”?

Part VII – 2021 Annual Foundation Dinner featuring Legacy Donor Recognition; Join in for a Annual Foundation Recognition Dinner

Part VIII – Paul Harris Fellow vs. Paul Harris Society; “Why is the Difference so Significant?”