This is a short (for me) final note as District Governor to everyone in the District:

Going into the new Rotary year, please remember that countless non-Rotarians want what we have, to a far greater degree now, because of 16 months of quarantine.

  • high-quality relationships with people with what I call ‘classy values’. Ongoing relationships with high-quality Rotarians would be a huge gift for some.
  • opportunities for just about any kind of service someone wants to pursue, both locally and internationally. Their passion is in Rotary somewhere. Or maybe they find it in Rotary.
  • opportunities for both personal and professional growth, and to interact with countless ‘leaders by mindset’. Even better, Rotary is a place to practice and improve leadership, organizing and speaking skills, while improving the lives of others. A pretty good win-win.
  • All we have to do with our friends and those we run across is what someone did for us – invite them to be a part of Rotary. Do it because you might change their life!

Again, thank you for allowing me to serve in this enormously gratifying role. And most of all, thank you for all you’ve given to others this past Rotary year.