Spot the signs 

Sex trafficking happens 365 days a year. Here is what to look for:

  • Signs of. Violence unexplained bruises, black eyes, cuts, or marks
  • Behaviors including fear, anxiety, depression, hyper vigilance, nervousness
  • Easily startled, agitated, or afraid
  • Unsure of where they are
  • Not in control of money or documents
  • Accompanied by older “boyfriend” / companion
  • Dressed to look older or inappropriately for the weather/situation
  • Name or symbol tattooed or branded on neck, chest, or arms
Winifred Ereyi

Winifred Ereyi

Chair - End Human Trafficking Task Force

What Your Rotary Club Can Do

Raise Awareness

  • Schedule a speaker
  • Host an event
  • Talk to friends, family, & colleagues
  • Ask local business to post awareness posters
  • Post to Facebook & your Club’s website

Educate Youth & Adults

  • Work with local schools
  • Engage youth to form student groups
  • Encourage schools to host training programs

Reduce Risk Factors

  • Partner with a local organization
  • Support programs that provide shelter & resources
  • Volunteer for programs providing victim support
  • Collaborate with neighboring Rotary Clubs

Stop the Demand

  • Partner with organizations that educate people
  • Support programs that teach youth about healthy relationships
  • Provide funding for organizations
  • Take a personal stand
  • Become an ambassador for change

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